Saturday, January 12, 2013


It was an early start to the day yesterday.

Caleb began his trip back to the US and college after being home here in Czech for Christmas break.

With the train leaving Ostrava at 7:30 AM, it meant last pictures at home an hour earlier. We were all feeling a little on the sleepy (and emotional) side as goodbyes were said.

I was going to Prague with him, but wanted one last picture with him at home too.

The Lord was kind in giving us an uneventful train ride to Prague, an early arrival to the station, and no wait for the Airport Express bus since we'd arrived early.

That meant we had sweet, leisurely time to talk and be together at Costa Coffee once we made it to the airport...

...before it was time to check in. 

With literally no line, check in was done in two minutes, giving us time to even look at a cool exhibition of photos there in the airport.

 Then a few last photos of our own.

Finally...time for the inevitable. To say goodbye and see him head through security. Always a tender, bittersweet moment.

We don't know when Caleb will be back home to Czech as he's planning to work in the States this summer, and we'll be there for Christmas next year. Beyond that, it's not possible to know what all will transpire or when he will set foot on Czech soil again.

We do know that changes are coming.

While there's a tiny part of me that doesn't want that, in my heart of hearts, I really do.

Change is what propels us forward into richer, deeper, and more precious experiences in life and with the Lord. If we stayed in the same place, doing the same things, we wouldn't have that.

So though I'm sad to see him go, I know that there are invaluable things ahead for us all, and that we'll keep encountering God's goodness as we continue to walk with Him.

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