Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Impromptu Afternoon

Our time with Caleb home from college is coming to a close. He leaves to head back to Chicago from Prague on Friday.

This afternoon as the sun was going down, a bit of snow shoveling turned into a garbage walk (you'll see what I mean), some frolicking with Kaylee, and a whole lot of photos that make me smile looking at them. I like capturing the moments while I still can!

Good to see him doing what he used to love doing for me! :)

These two were having such fun out there!

Our garbage can is a little walk from our house - a good reason to get out, no matter what the weather.

This is also where we collect mail...not from the garbage can! But from the little blue box almost hiding to the left of the big dumpster. Crazy, huh?!

Since it was so beautiful (and I'd brought my camera just in case!) we headed down towards the little Malenovice airport.

Kaylee was blissfully happy being with us out in the snow.

Caleb was a good sport and joined in the fun with her...

...which resulted in an impromptu race between the two of them.

I don't know if Caleb was running as fast as he could, but they were sure neck and neck as they raced down the road...

Cracking me up as they were both flying over the snow!

Almost a "photo finish"!

Though it'd been dark and gloomy earlier in the day, the sun peeked out in the afternoon and it was gloriously beautiful in our neighborhood.

A familiar site...the route back and forth to town, and to the garbage and mail!

Happy to capture a few more photos with my boy before he leaves!

It will be a while before he'll be back home - nice to have a walk this afternoon to soak it in while we can.

And take in a few last looks of home.

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