Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life's First Exam

Do you remember the day you got your driver's license?

I remember the day I tried for it...and got disqualified for not looking both ways at a stop sign. I was so disappointed!

It was three weeks before I could take it again. But I persevered despite disappointment, and thankfully passed second time around.

For most of us, our driving exam is our first great test in life. A test we never forget!

Claire and Hayley (grown up their whole lives together, best friends and fellow JV Kids) have spent the past four months in the midst of their first life exam: going through driving school here in Czech.

It's a process of 7 one and a half hour classroom sessions, one 2 hour first-aid class, and then 28 driving sessions of 45 minutes each (in their case, the instructor had them drive 14 times for an hour and a half). Try fitting all that into an already busy life schedule!

Today was the culmination of all those hours of work, as they headed to the Městský Uřad (town hall) in Frýdlant at 8 this morning to take their written test, and then do the driving section.

After hearing that they'd passed the written exams, Kaylee and I went back down to town two hours later to wait for Claire to finish the driving section.

It's nearly a spring-like day so we sat in the car with the window rolled down and enjoyed the fresh air before she came back!

Gone for 45 minutes, Claire returned in her instructor's car (that's the car you take the exam in), with him in the front seat beside her, and the driving "Commissioner" (that's his official title) in the back scoring her.

It was a tough test, but gratefully, she passed her first great life exam (which is actually what the commissioner, pictured below, appropriately called it when they got back!).

She'll go back in on Monday to do all the paperwork, and then waits for two weeks to receive the license. So no driving until then. But it's nice to know that the license is on the way.

Because they don't have a "permit" system here, I've never driven with her...only Dave has once in a parking lot! So I'm looking forward to seeing her drive once she gets her official license.

I didn't tell Claire ahead of time that I hadn't passed my first driver's exam...didn't want to freak her out or give her any reason to wonder if that would happen to her!

But the thing is...with life's exams, there really are no failures IF you persevere and keep trying. So even if she had, it would've been okay!

I'm thankful she passed.

But I am especially thankful with how she's persevered through months of driving school!

Congratulations Claire!!


  1. Thank you for ALL your support throughout this whole thing, and for your patience in waiting for me to get my license! And...I love this new look on your blog. :)

  2. Connie....we must have never had this conversation because guess what? I didn't pass my first drivers test either!!!! I didn't pass for almost the same reason as you! I was entering the freeway from an onramp and didn't turn my head to look for oncoming traffic and only used my mirrors as my guide. Right there that meant I didn't pass! So I feel your pain. Aren't you glad we lived to tell about it? Ha!!! :o)

  3. Congrats to Claire for passing on her first attempt. As for Connie and doesn't surprise me that it took twice to pass!! Ha, ha!