Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's All About...


This morning's sunrise was absolutely gorgeous. I stood and stared out the window just soaking it in, then ran for the quickest thing to take a photo with...my phone! I couldn't bear not to capture the beauty.

By this afternoon, everything has changed.

There's no sun, no pink sky, no mountains, no perspective.

Just snow-covered trees.

Life is like that for me. Sometimes all I see are those "trees". And it looks like it will only be a long winter.

I just wanted to remember today that there ARE mountains beyond the trees, that pink skies and beautiful sunrises will come again, and that even if the winter lasts a long time, spring always comes.

When I remember that, I don't mind the snow-covered trees and limited perspective.

Because it won't always stay that way.

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