Saturday, January 19, 2013


One of Dave's most favorite things to do in life is teach.

It gives him no end of delight to study and bring God's Word to people, with the hope and prayer that it will transform their lives.

He's been doing that since he was 17. If you're doing the math, that's about 35 years of doing his favorite thing!

Last week Dave was up at Malenovice for a week of teaching with this year's group of Czech interns.

His topics:
  1. How to study the Bible to teach it
  2. The five secrets of Jesus' teaching method

At the end of five days, Dave came home more refreshed than if he'd been sitting at his desk all week...the sign of a teacher who loves what he's doing!

It's a good week when Dave gets to teach! This week he was south of Brno teaching for two days as well. Like I said, he loves to teach God's Word!

This coming week he'll be teaching again

We're bringing together 52 JV couples for a marriage conference.

We'll be in Krakow, Poland from Tuesday through Saturday, studying God's Word on what it means to go "Back to the Garden", to God's original design for marriage.

Pray for Dave as he again teaches the Word, that it will be effective, meaningful and transformational in all of our lives and marriages.

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  1. And he's such a wonderful teacher too!! Great inspiration to find a way to do the things that bring us energy and the fulfillment of working from our God-given strengths!!