Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Fun

 Who could be more fun to ring in the new year with than this bunch?!

It was a great gift to celebrate the new year with our three families, Ellenwood's, Hash's and Patty's...though we missed Tyler and Lara being in on it his year.

These are our JV teammates, and vacation buddies of the past ten years.

Our kids have grown up together like siblings/cousins - SO fun to see them all together again!

Caleb and Hannah are home from college so it was a wonderful time being together, and hearing from them about their lives and adjustments to the States.

Of course it's never dull when all of us get together. You wouldn't expect anything less would you?!

We laughed a lot...and had some great food, like we used to on vacation!

I had fun taking pictures and capturing the evening together since these times are few and far between now.

 These people know how to smile for me...

And how to give me their goofy sides!

As always, there was no shortage of fireworks in the valley at midnight. What a spectacular site it is to see the view up and down the whole valley!

And of course the boys got in on the fun too!

  Oh such sweetness to share life with these dear ones!

Precious evening together...

With dear people we love...

And of course, a whole lot of fun!

Wishing you all a very happy 2013!


  1. Hey Con....LOVE the pics and I have two questions:
    1. Where were you guys? I'm guessing one of the Malenovice cabins.
    2. What soup were you all having? Chicken Chili? Did you make it?

    Okay...you know me. Gotta stay in the loop! So glad you had fun ringing in the new year! Loves, Michelle

  2. I love all of the expressions on the last picture :)
    - Daci