Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Outside Our Window

Last week I sent out one of my regular email updates called "Outside Our Window".

Along with sharing an update on our family and ministry, I inserted a picture to show what it looked like outside our window here that day, adding that I wished I could see what it looked like outside the windows of all who were receiving my letter.

Thinking "Why not?", I decided to ask people to send me what it looked like outside their window on that day.

What fun responses came in from all over the world.

Here's the view outside the window from my friends in far-flung places...

Starting with my view from Lubno, Czech Republic!

Visalia, California - from a friend who spent a few months here in Czech with the Exit Tour - miss you LJ!

Kaiserslautern, Germany - from a chaplain and his family, serving in the US military

San Diego, California - this photo makes me want to visit San Diego in the winter!

Suburbs of Chicago - this friend pointed out that while the sun was peeking through the windows, it wasn't all that nice of a day in the windy city!

Turner's Corner, Kentucky - this friend wrote: "The calves wondered why anyone wants a photo of them this a.m. when it started to snow and the sun was shining!!" If only cows could talk! :)

Another view in Kentucky! Was just so pretty I couldn't pass up including it!

Jackson, Wyoming - this photo wins the picture for the bluest sky! WOW! Gorgeous, isn't it?!

Orlando, Florida - and this photo wins the "Paradise in Winter" photo!

San Jose, California - from dear doctor friends who were our heroes four and a half years ago when they "happened" to be in the Portland area when Caleb and I flew in for medical help...they met us at the airport, took us to the emergency room, and waited with us to get help. Will never forget that B & V!! Lovely view from your window!

Warrenville, Illinois - it looks cold, but it didn't stop this daughter of our friend from playing on her slack line!

Hastings, Minnesota - from our JV board chairman's wife! Thanks B!!

Downtown Chicago - this wasn't quite outside the window, but was the view that Caleb sent that day, showing his Czech tea collection that Claire and I had wrapped up and sent back with him for his birthday!

Wheaton, Illinois - this friend literally responded within minutes of me sending out the email! I loved seeing this picture from her phone at that moment.

 Marion, North Carolina - looks like a chilly morning there!

Chicago O'Hare Airport - these friends were about ready to board a flight to Colorado and she sent me this photo!

Vancouver, Washington - it doesn't snow much in Vancouver so this was a treat to see (I spent my junior high and high school years there).

Cenntennial, Colorado - you can just feel that warm Colorado sun through the window of this JV mom's home (her son and daughter-in-law serve here in Czech!)

Gresham, Oregon - what a fantastic sunset in my beloved Oregon!

 Chiang Mai, Thailand - these friends who live in Idaho, were visiting there that day!

Quito, Ecuador - this friend lives in Quito and those are eucalyptus trees in the park across the street from where she lives! She says this park is the "lungs" of the city! I can imagine how fragrant it is.

Englewood, Colorado - from the town where Dave grew up! When he saw it he said, "That looks so familiar!"

West Chicago, Illinois - see the cardinals at the bird feeders?! I love that you captured that Wendy!

Thanks to all of you who sent photos to me! That was such a great project for gaining perspective - seeing everyone's view on the same day, finding beauty in all kinds of different kinds of settings and scenes. I loved it!!

Wouldn't it be fun to repeat this project in other seasons and see what it looks like at those times as well?!

Stay tuned!


  1. Love reading your Blog. If i would of seen your Blog that day i would of sent you a picture too. thank you for sharing what is outside your window it helps remind us what God has created and blessed us with no matter where we are. Have a wonderful day.

  2. So very fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Imagine my surprise to see the Gauthier's back yard on your blog! :) We have Friday night small group there and Rachel is our kid's favorite babysitter. Small world!


  4. This is one of my favs.,