Monday, February 17, 2014

JV Family in California

Twenty years ago, Scott Ardavanis came to pastor our church in the Chicago area, just months after we headed to Czech to begin Josiah Venture.

He didn't choose us to be missionaries sent from his church (that had happened just before he came), but he and his wife gave their hearts to us, and a lifelong friendship was established.

Even after he and Patty followed God's call to California to pastor another church ten years later, the friendship endured. Scott became one of the founding board members for JV when we became our own organization in 2002, and continues to serve on that board today.

Now pastoring at Grace Church of the Valley in Kingsburg, CA, he not only continues to shepherd and care about us, but he's releasing his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter to join our team in Albania, and sending one of his dear "sons", a young man he's mentored for many years to our team in Czech with his family!

And all of us were in Kingsburg today!

As we travel throughout the US during this portion of our sabbatical/home assignment, we continue to be SO grateful for the people who have come alongside us through the years and stood in faith for what God wants to accomplish for His Kingdom in central and eastern Europe.

What a grand adventure it's been, and continues to be! I'm glad I'm along for the ride.

Also, Dave preached at Grace Church of the Valley today. If you'd like to hear a great sermon on Matthew 28, click HERE to listen. Right now it's up on their home page, just to the right under
"Latest Message". I guarantee you'll enjoy it!


  1. So happy you're seeing people you love!

  2. Great photo, Connie! And an amazing time with you and Dave.

  3. I just finished listening to the sermon, thank you for the link!