Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Wave of the Future


This is not my average blog post! Perhaps a few of my male readers (hi to my dad and brother, Mike!) will find this especially interesting today. :)

If you walked past this would you stop??

Dave and I did. The reason? This is not an ordinary car, by any means! Do you know what it is?

This is a Tesla, an electric car that is sweeping the country as well as Europe. As we've been driving, we've seen the "Tesla super charger" stations and wondered what it would be like to pull up to one of those instead of a gas pump.

Dave's been fascinated by the concept of this car for a while, and has even done some reading about it just to learn more. But this was his/our first time to actually see one in person.

If you compared its mileage to gas mileage, the young man who let us sit in the car (no offer of a test drive!) said the Tesla gets an average of 89 miles per gallon.

But of course, it doesn't need gas. Just electricity. At a super charging station it can stop for just thirty minutes and get a charge that will last 250 miles. They figure that's the equivalent of paying $5 for a fill-up. Not too bad.

Next year they're coming out with new model (there's only one model out right now). The next one will be an SUV type, and has some pretty interesting features. See how the doors open?!

At a cool sticker price of $75,000 this is about the closest we'll ever get to a Tesla!

But I like knowing that there's a company who is really trying to make a difference in the environment and provide a viable option for the future of the car industry.

I'm glad we stopped when we saw it!


  1. Ah, those doors are so smart! It's like an umbrella, and it also give you more space get in! Haha! So fun.

  2. If you get over by Washington Square Mall in Beaverton you can go check out the Tesla showroom. It's inside the mall and they have several cars on display. Awesome technology and also great looking design!