Tuesday, February 4, 2014

He Uses A Paintbrush

While Dave unwinds from ten hours of driving today, I couldn't help but look through pictures I took along the way, so in awe of the Lord's creativity through Wyoming, a slice of Idaho, and in Utah!

Across wide plains up at 6600 feet, His paintbrush painted an incredibly beautiful picture throughout the day.

 He dabbed a bit of red onto His brush once we entered Utah.

 And then began painting a spectacular sunset!

It was the sunset that never ended! An hour and a half of spectacular strokes over mountains, across fields, in the sky. Just for fun, he even painted some beautiful horses too!

And then He brought in the shades of pink. Oh my!! I don't know when I have ever gasped so many times over a sunset.

Finally, He finished with a touch of gold, mingled with the pinks, blues and purples, ending the day on a most glorious note.

It was truly breathtaking, and a gift to enjoy as we drove through His magnificent creation today!

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  1. Awesome post Connie. I love the way you told God's story through your metaphor of painter and paintbrush. BEAUTIFUL and it's so fun to travel with you a little bit through your blog. Love you!