Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Missionaries in Training

"Who wants to go on a (very) short term mission's trip, raise your hand!" That's how we started children's church yesterday at my home church of thirty five years, Laurelwood Baptist in Vancouver, Washington.

What a great time we had with those kids as we took them on a virtual journey to the Czech Republic for a tour of our country, a little language learning and a week at English camp. I'm telling you, there are some future missionaries right there in that room!

They participated in absolutely every game, activity and discussion we had with them, so eager to learn and interact. Here they are in the photo below, learning how the Gospel spreads quickly if you'll just touch the person next to you.

Will any of these precious kids end up on the mission field like I did?

It's people like Melanie, who leads the children's ministry at Laurelwood, that open up the world to kids by having missionaries like us come in to share with them. I pray that some of those kids will follow Jesus and give their lives to sharing about him into the uttermost parts of the world!


  1. Laurelwood! Where are you guys going to be while you are in the area? I would love to see you!

  2. I'm sure it was awesome!! Way to go. :)

  3. Great Blog Con and it was such an awesome service to be a part of. Seeing you and Dave have fun together while leading those kids was a highlight of the day for me! Reminded me of old Malachi days with Dave, and reminded me of you as an elementary age teacher. Both of you were "in your element!!!"

    Thanks for letting me crash your party and be your photographer. :o)