Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Call of Home

Not only did Michelle and I soak in a beautiful week-end together, but there was one more gift the Lord had in store for me personally.

Unexpectedly, at the Musical Instrument Museum (Trip Advisor's #1 attraction in Phoenix!), I heard the sounds of home.

It completely took me off-guard as I stood in front of the Czech Republic display there, listening through a headset to four symbolic pieces of music from Czech.

When Smetana's "Ma Vlast: Vltava" came on, I was suddenly transported back home.

How many times I've heard that familiar tune there, especially on the Pendolino train as you pull into the Prague train station! It plays over the loudspeaker to announce your arrival into the city, as you get your first glimpse of it through the train windows.

I was surprised at the emotions that swept through me as I heard just a thirty second clip of that beautiful composition, written by Smetana 140 years ago as a piece of music to describe his homeland (that's what "ma vlast" means), and the river that flows through Prague (the Vltava).

Somehow he captured the mystery of the river through music in a haunting melody that now means "home" to me. (If you click HERE you can listen to a clip of the most famous part of the song from 1:03 to 1:50)

I felt this welling up of love and emotion for "my country", and a homesickness that made me want to be back there.

Who would've ever thought a musical instrument museum would evoke such a strong sense of "home" in me?

As we left the museum, we captured one last picture in front of their motto, which was so fitting:

Yes, my soul heard the call of home through a simple clip of music.

While I treasure these days in the States, and all the goodness the Lord has for me here during this time, I realized the call of home is deep inside and I look forward to the day I am back there.


  1. I have similar feelings in certain moments too! Today when I watched the sun rise, I was reminded of home, and it made me excited to be back there in the Summer. It's still home!

  2. Sweet gift from your Father as He turns your heart toward HOME! Love hearing that! You expressed your heart so beautifully that tears welled up in my own eyes! And, btw, you look adorable!

  3. I was planning my comment in my head and then scrolled to comments and saw that Amy said EXACTLY what I was gonna say! :) You brought tears to my eyes....and I love the hair color -- so pretty! Especially with the blue sweater! :)