Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wherever We Go

Oh the joy of seeing "family" here in Arizona!

Nate and Emily served with us in JV for many years, and are now in Phoenix. We knew them as singles, as newly married, as first time parents, and now got to see them as a family of four! Their new little guy was born just ten days ago - how special to meet him at the beginning of his life!

The Vuletic family served with us in JV as well, down in Croatia, and are also now in Phoenix. So very sweet to connect with all of them, including their darling JVK (JV kids!)! 

Our dear friends, John and Kris, not only blessed us with their home in Croatia at the beginning of our sabbatical, but have a daughter who's served with JV in Czech (and coming back again this summer!). They also attend a church here that blesses JV with teams and support, and Kris ministered to our Slovenia team with a visit in November to encourage and nourish their women in the Word.

 In so many places here in the US, we find our JV family, and oh how we love them!!

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  1. All of those people are so sweet! I'm glad you got to see them all!