Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas with Loved Ones

"Thank you Jesus for the gift of your birth, the reason we celebrate today!" 

As this sunny Christmas morning dawned at our home, we paused to think of the reason for the gifts around our tree.

And took our time listening to Dave read the Christmas story, talking together about what part was the most meaningful this year, as we always do.

Just as we finished, the doorbell rang. It was our Christmas "angel" coming to greet us. Pani 
Andělová (our dear neighbor lady whose name means Mrs. Angel) doesn't smile for pictures, but she does have a twinkle in her eye when she talks about Jesus! What a sweet Christmas morning visitor.

Then it was on to gifts! And oh how meaningful they were this year, gifts that mirrored our love and appreciation for our Savior.

Notes, gifts and pictures from our kids, a special recipe book from my mother-in-law that she knew I wanted!

And a handmade gift from Caleb to his dad. Any guesses what it is??

Clue: it's to help with his woodchopping

Even Kaylee received a gift!

I once read a statistic that said 71% of dog owners give their dog a Christmas gift. Guess that means I'm in the majority!

In the afternoon we headed over to the Ellenwood's house to join some of our JV teammates in continuing the Christmas celebration.

So very thankful for this group of people who love Jesus as much as I do!

There were special joys in being there, like seeing these two together again after a long separation.

Claire with Hayley, best friends since they were tiny girls

And enjoying all the giving of gifts among the 40 who were there. Each gift had to be handmade, and cost no more than $10 to make. People were SO creative and brought out their best crafting skills for the gifts they made.

What an exceptionally precious day it was for the three of us, celebrating the one we love and adore, and for whom this whole day is about: JESUS!

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