Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Back Way Home

Driving home this afternoon I took the "back way", something I like to do in the summer when I can drive with the window down and enjoy the fresh air, warm breeze and beautiful views. But as winter sets in, I don't think about driving that way as I'm usually anxious to get home to where it's warm!

But I'm glad I drove it today. The world looks so different as winter begins its descent.

Because these roads on the back way home are narrow, I had to stop many times along the way to let cars and tractors pass by. But at every stop there was something to see, and a picture to be taken!

Do you notice the doggy wishing I'd come over and say hi?! He was furiously barking to get my attention!

I actually sat here for a while as cars passed by. I was surprised there were so many out on the little road! While I could've driven on it and just pulled over to the side when the other car and I reached each other, it was nicer to sit and soak in the view.

Other than the cars passing by, there wasn't a soul around. Except for this dedicated grandma, out taking her grandchild for a walk.

I guess I'd do that if Judah were visiting and needed to be walked!

This is one of my favorite views of all time in our area. That tree is so iconic, and beautiful in all seasons.

You might not guess correctly what time it was as I drove along the little road. It seemed so late in the day, when in reality it was just a little after 2 PM!

That's winter for you! But it's kind of cozy, don't you think?

Oh, did I say the tree was my favorite view? I guess it's in competition with the church overlooking the village of Malenovice. It's another iconic sight in our area.

By this time, after taking so many pictures along the way, I knew I wanted to blog about the back way home. So I stopped alongside the road and stepped into the little cemetery to see what it looked like on this otherwise dreary day.

Obviously many have been there lately, remembering their loved ones by bringing flowers. It was lovely and peaceful.

My last stop was at the top of hill, to look across the way at the ski hill. Not much snow on it yet! I'm sure the operators of the hill are hoping for more soon.

Now you know what the back way to my house looks like in winter. I wish I could see what the back way (if you have one) to your house looks like!

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  1. Beautiful! Every glimpse held its own artistic beauty - thank you for capturing it!