Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This morning before I left our house for a meeting, I sent Claire (in the States) a quick text with just this picture.

Why, you might ask? Because it's the first of the month and usually one of us remembers to say "Rabbits" to each other, as we have done for many years.

But how on earth did this tradition get started??!!

I first learned about it from my sister-in-law who used to do it at Bible college with her friends. And I always thought it originated with her.

However, Claire reminded me today that a number of years ago when our dear friend Becca joined the JV team, she brought the tradition of "Rabbits" with her, telling us she'd grown up in Haiti as a missionary kid saying it in her home with her parents.

So that made me think that I should "google" this phenomenon and see if there is any information to shed on where this tradition came from. And guess what? There is!

Who knew that while the origin of this custom is unknown, it can be traced back to perhaps the 15th century, maybe even the 13th — oh my! I had no idea!

Of course you can probably imagine that it had its roots in superstition (you'd have bad luck for the month if you didn't say the lucky word). 

But that's certainly not its origin for us. We do it for the fun of carrying on a family tradition, and for one more reason to connect with each other on the first day of the month!

Do you say "Rabbits" in your home at the first of each month?? 

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  1. Aw, I love this! Who would've thought it went so far back??