Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Traditions: Old and New

Claire and I left early this morning to head into town to take care of last minute details for Christmas, stopping along the way at one of our new favorite coffee spots.

She's laughing at me as I take the photo, though right now I can't remember why! But oh how sweet to just sit and enjoy each other, and some moments of peace (and a little gingerbread snowman!) before heading out into the fray to finish up shopping.

As we drove home in the evening we laughed at ourselves for having spent the whole day out, the day before Christmas Eve. We've done that every year for as long as I can remember so now it's just tradition. And who doesn't love tradition?!

But we instituted a new tradition today: getting a Christmas tree on the 23rd! We're more in keeping with our Czech friends who traditionally put their trees up on the 23rd or even the 24th. I've never heard the history of that tradition, but for us it was a matter of practicality since we've been gone and couldn't get one until today. I'm thankful there were trees to be had, and thankful to have Claire home to help decorate it!

Know what else is tradition? Having a hard time getting the lights on! Where is Caleb when we need him?! He was always so good at getting them on in just the right way. But since he and Haley are in Colorado for Christmas with her family, Claire and I had to figure it out ourselves. I'd say we did okay!

Well, except for the little bare spot down there at the bottom, which is fixed now that we noticed it in the picture!

In all the years I've been decorating a tree, I've never used white lights (don't all Christmas trees use colored lights?!!), but this year Claire and I decided to try something new. Not wanting to try and recreate our family Christmases of old when everyone was here, we're doing a new thing in some aspects of our celebration. It's good to make those changes every now and then.

But one thing is for sure. In just two days we'll celebrate Jesus and the gift that he is to us all. I'm looking forward to that so much!

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  1. Teehee. I remember why I was laughing in that first picture! Because you were smiling yourself while taking the picture - reflex! :D Oh, such sweet memories.