Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Day, Shortest Day

Ever try getting the perfect family picture at Christmastime?

Yep, sometimes they don't quite turn out like you're hoping!

We're on our last day in Croatia before heading home to Czech, and making some last memories together here.

Third time was kind of the charm as we used a rock for our tripod! At least we have a picture of us that's in focus

It's late and we leave early in the morning so I'll just add in a few more memories from these days here with Claire. SO sweet to share them with her!

Somebody is extra happy her girl is home!

 We had a surprise for Claire along the way as we hiked. Lavender, blooming in December!

We'd seen it a few weeks ago when we hiked the same trail. So happy it was still there for her!

Normally it blooms in June so it was a rare treat to enjoy picking it on a December afternoon!

After a leisurely hike I loved watching these two run down the steepest part!

And loved capturing a dad and daughter photo in a place they both love!

On the shortest day of the year, we loved seeing the sun set on our beloved Hvar.

So thankful, as always, for the goodness of the Lord and the delights he gives to his children!


  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!!!! and amazing place, blessed place...