Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Elf is Home

There are a lot of reasons why it's special to have Claire home for the holidays. She's cheerful, loving, engaged, kind and delightful to have around.

She found her old Converse in the closet today!

But another reason is that she cooks, bakes and cleans for me. I call her my "elf" because she's so helpful!

Feeling a bit flu-ish this morning when I woke up, I stayed in bed to try and sleep off whatever was pressing on me. When I came downstairs later in the day, it was to a vacuumed house, clean kitchen and help with dinner.


Two new recipes for the day: Absolutely delicious 30 minute spelt rolls and Tuscan White Bean Soup. Perfect food for the day after Christmas!


  1. You sneaky mom! ;) I didn't even know you took those. Thank you for all YOU do too!