Tuesday, March 28, 2017

30th Anniversary Day

Today, on our thirtieth wedding anniversary, we took a five kilometer morning walk.

Along the boardwalk of Tel Aviv, Israel!

Yes, we're back in Israel after having just been here three weeks ago. We didn't come to celebrate our anniversary, though this would've been a great place to do that! Instead, we have the joy and privilege of being here to lead another tour of the Holy Land.

We flew in a day early so that we'd be here in time to meet the group coming in from the States. Since they were arriving in the afternoon, we had the morning to take a walk to Old Jaffa, somewhere that we've never been before.

See Acts 9 and 10 as one of the places where the Bible talks about this place!

Spring has fully arrived here in Israel, which made it THE most delightful walk along the sea as we made yet another memory to celebrate the actual day of our wedding thirty years ago.

You'll forgive one more picture of the bride and groom today, won't you?! I sure do love this amazing man, and enjoy all of our adventures together!

We had one more special event today, before meeting up with our group from the States.

Many years ago, we met these dear friends at our mutual home church in Illinois. They are Israeli believers, and missionaries in their own country. Oh what a beautiful testimony they have, and what amazing work they're doing to share Christ with their fellow Jews. It was such a joy to share a meal with them and catch up this afternoon.

We then headed to the airport to meet up with our group. I loved standing in the arrival area, listening to Jewish children call out to their "Abba" (daddy!) as we all passed the time before everyone arrived!

Before we knew it, the group made it through and we headed to our bus to begin our journey to Tiberius at the Sea of Galilee!

We'll be with this group of amazing teachers from Jackson, Wyoming for the next eight days. Dave will teach from two perspectives: a personal dimension about how to go from being a follower of Jesus to a disciple; and a professional dimension about how to teach like Jesus.

It's going to be an incredible week here in Israel, again walking where Jesus walked, and thinking about his life from these perspectives!

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  1. Like you, one of the most precious parts of being in Israel (Jerusalem, specifically, for me) was hearing children run to their fathers while calling out "Abba!" And this was all precious to me long before the start of The Abba Project. So fun to see pictures and hear stories...keep 'em coming!