Thursday, March 23, 2017

GYI in the Prayer Room

For our last day of the Global Youth Initiative conference, we were give three options of how to spend the morning: in a high school English class, at the Jewish quarter of Prague, or the Strahov Monastery library.

Yes, I chose the monastery, which also included one last view overlooking Prague. Even on a cloudy day, it's still beautiful!

Martina and I were the only girls to go with the group of GYI guys!

What a blessing this dear friend is. She serves on the international JV team as the conference coordinator, which includes events like this one. She cared for SO many details along the way, making the trip smooth and uneventful both at Malenovice, and on our tour as well. Thanks Martina!

The group gathered for one last hour together in order to finish our time in the Josiah Venture Prayer Room.

What a powerful hour, hearing people from all over the world pray out loud for our JV team!

I so deeply appreciated their enthusiasm and earnestness in prayer, asking God to move mountains, tear down walls, and change lives here in Central and Eastern Europe.

It was a fitting end with this group of godly men and women who are praying for the same things in their corners of the world: Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Europe. It's a privilege to partner and join with them in asking God for a movement among young people throughout the entire world.

If you have yet to join us online in the Prayer Room, I invite you to come "Join the Watch" for God's movement in our part of the world!

You can click here:

Josiah Venture's Online Prayer Room

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