Friday, March 31, 2017

The Word Comes Alive

"If I hurry, I might get there in time to hear him teach," I thought to myself as I headed up the hills above the lake from where I lived.

"Everyone says his teaching is amazing - practical, pointed, and personal. Will it speak to me like it speaks to them??"

"I hope I'll find a seat close enough so I can really hear him! They say his voice is strong, yet gentle. I can't imagine what that will be like!"

"I'll admit, I'm a little nervous to hear him. Some say that he's the Messiah we've all been waiting for. But others don't trust him. What will I think??"

"This Jesus! Who is he?? Oh how I want to hear him and learn who he is for myself!"

And those were my thoughts as we walked down the hillside, in the place where historians believe Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount.

What WOULD it have been like to go hear Jesus teaching up above the Sea of Galilee?? Would I have responded to his message of hope, love and salvation?

I like to think that I would have!

Getting to hear Dave quote passages of Scripture by memory from Matthew, chapters 6 and 7, where Jesus was preaching the Beatitudes, was compelling! But what would it have been like if Jesus had been there in person?

At least I could imagine it today as we sat listening to Dave!

These are such precious days, walking where Jesus walked, and listening to his Word come alive!

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