Saturday, March 25, 2017

Finding Berwang

Dave and I left the GYI conference in Prague to get away for a very special week-end together.

We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in Austria!

Months ago when we began thinking about where we should celebrate this special occasion (how are we old enough to have already been married thirty years??!!) we ended up deciding to return to the area of Austria where we honeymooned all those years ago.

And specifically, we knew we wanted to return to this quaint Austrian village.

Thirty years ago, we didn't have internet, mobile phones, or GPS. Nor did we use a travel agent to find places to stay. Instead we did it the way that was always done before: travel the roads and look for a place!

And that's how we ended up here for three days.

We both had memories and vivid pictures of what it looked like here, but had never returned in all these years. So we thought it would be fun to come back and try to find the place where we stayed.

Which turned out to be easier said than done! We only have one picture of our time there (back then I wasn't in the habit of picture taking yet) but didn't have it with us. So we parked and set off to walk around the town in search of the place we both thought we remembered.

After quite a walk, we finally found it!

We'd walked by it several times, but neither of us remembered it being named "Hotel Axx". We're funny...but we both knew we most likely wouldn't have chosen a place with that name!

However, after walking all over town and not finding anything else that looked like we remembered, we inquired back inside this hotel. The man working there told us it was sold five years ago and renamed. He showed us the original key fobs with the name "Hotel Rose" and finally we knew we were in the right spot!

It was just SO much fun to be back in this place after thirty years of life since then: ministry in Germany, a move to the Czech Republic, starting Josiah Venture, three children, and a whole lot more of life since then!

We're still as crazy about each, probably even MORE so than we were thirty years ago!

What an amazing adventure it's been since we started our married life. And HOW VERY GOOD our heavenly Father has been to us all these years!

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