Monday, March 6, 2017

Flying Out of Israel

Flying out of Israel is such a treat for the eyes right now! You see all the luscious green of the fields (which will turn to brown in just a few weeks!).

You see the "white" of all the buildings.

And you see the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea before you head west toward what is home for us.

Our time here has been so very rich...walking where Jesus walked and spending time with some of our dear JV family. I am deeply grateful to the Lord for all He gave to us during our time here.

With such a clear day, our view from the window the whole way back was spectacular!

We even saw some snow covered peaks as we neared our final destination: Vienna.

My heart, mind, eyes, thoughts, and spirit are full, full, full from all that we have experienced during the time in Israel. I'm sure I'll be processing it for quite some time.

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