Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Morning Delight

Oh, the joy of waking up with little people on Christmas morning!  

Judah and Asher are staying with us right now while their mom and dad are at the hospital after the birth of their baby brother, Simeon on the 22nd. They had hoped to be home for Christmas, but with a tiny bit of jaundice, the doctors wanted to wait another day to watch Simeon's levels. 

So, we got to wake up to these little voices this morning, excited that it's Christmas morning!

Instead of Christmas stockings, we did "morning presents", and planning to wait until later to open the other gifts if/when Tyler and Lara get out of the hospital. 

The boys were completely satisfied with cars, coloring books, magnets, and Pez candies! 

Claire made yummy French toast for our breakfast, and we kept out the special Waechtersbach Christmas dishes to eat on that I've been using since our early married days in Germany!

The boys were so content for the morning as we waited for news of whether or not Simeon would be released from the hospital today. 

A "Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer" dance party happened...

As well as more turns on the rope swing upstairs that Papa put in last night.

Snuggles in pajamas with Aunt Claire were most satisfying. 

As was the amazing moment we got a few snowflakes on this Christmas morn', which was something Judah had been praying for!

They didn't stick...but there were definitely some flurries out there that made him happy! 

Claire also baked some fun meringues for us to enjoy.

Then finally, we got the news that Tyler, Lara, and Simeon were coming home! So we got to work to prepare for their arrival.

We are getting a special gift today, on a day when we celebrate the best gift of all!

More to come on Simeon's arrival at Papa and Nonnie's house!

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