Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Online Youth Group

When Dave and I moved here to the Czech Republic in 1993, we knew our first task was to establish ourselves in a local church and begin building relationships with teenagers, praying that one day we would see a movement of God in this country.

We held our first camp in the summer of 1994, and in the fall had our first youth group meeting with students who had been at that camp. We shared the gospel, saw some trust Christ, and began discipleship with them. 

Over the next seven years, that youth group met at our house every week until we turned leadership over to others in the church. 

What's awesome is that youth group is still in existence, albeit with totally different young people today, some 27 years later! 

Although Dave and I don't lead a youth group anymore, I got to be part of one this evening, online (since everything is happening that way these days). 

A youth group in a nearby city, asked if I would join them for their online program this evening, and then talk about prayer since they've been studying this topic. 

I'm so glad I got to experience one small taste of what it's like for youth workers today as they try to lead and disciple their young people during the pandemic. It's not easy to do online! 

But this youth group is working hard to keep connected and growing in their walks with God.  

It was a privilege to be part of it tonight!

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