Saturday, December 5, 2020

Week-end News

Dave is gone to Bulgaria this week-end, visiting our JV country leader and his family there. 

In these nine months of restrictions due to COVID-19, Dave has traveled the least of any year since we moved here. He's happy there was an open window that allowed him to go (though to come back into Czech, he'll need to get a test within a few days). 

I started feeling sick a few days ago, and have been in bed ever since, hoping I don't have the virus. I may test with Dave when he returns just to make sure as unfortunately I have some of the symptoms. It's so hard to know if it's just a regular flu/cold...or something worse.

In the meantime, it's a beautiful week-end, with gorgeous sunsets to lift my spirits as I lay in bed.

The snow that fell last week-end is completely gone, replaced by warmer temps and beautiful skies!

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