Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve with the Boys

How do you top visiting your baby brother at the hospital on Christmas Eve?! 

That's where these two have just returned from. 

Tyler and Lara had hoped that Simeon would be released from the hospital today, but when that didn't happen, I was able to drive Judah and Asher into Ostrava so they could go in to meet their baby brother, which was the best gift of all today! 

Other moments of fun on this monumental day? 

Painting with Nonnie while they waited for a surprise from Papa. 

What's a ladder doing upstairs near the playroom??

Giving Dave the ability to install a present from him -- a rope swing from the rafters on this Christmas Eve!

I hardly took any pictures because I was smiling and laughing so much as I watched them enjoy Dave's creation!

This has been on Dave's heart for many months, and today became a reality. Oh, the fun they had this evening, and the fun to come in months ahead!

Claire came to join us for our Christmas Eve dinner - traditional fajitas like we've been having since 1993!

Afterward, we gathered with the boys to watch, "Polar Express".

We've read the book several times, but this was their first time seeing the movie. It totally tickled them!

The actual scene Judah was laughing at was when hot chocolate is served on the train!

(Also, just so you know, we fast-forwarded through the parts that were a bit too scary for this age range!)

For bathtime on this epic evening, I surprised them with new toys for the bathtub.

I love bringing smiles to our grandson's faces. Fun is kind of my adopted middle name, so I'm always looking for little ways to bring the fun!

Claire was the desired book reader for bedtime tonight. And they wanted it to happen on the floor in Papa and Nonnie's bedroom, so it did. 

Making memories with Judah and Asher on this Christmas Eve was pure joy! 

In the meantime, Tyler and Lara were making their own Christmas Eve the hospital. 

We're all hoping they'll be able to come home tomorrow for Christmas Day. 

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