Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Shothouse Ostrava

After nearly three weeks of being sick (thankfully not with coronavirus!), I am starting to feel better so ventured into Ostrava today for a special reason. 

Along with Claire, we came for the grand opening of Shothouse Ostrava, a coffee shop owned by a young couple we've known since the husband was just a little boy! He's been in ministry with us, and his dad has served with JV for a long time.

A few years ago the young couple opened a coffee shop in Havířov, the city we first lived in (and met their family) when we moved here 27 years ago. Now they are expanding their business into Ostrava. We're so proud of them and wanted to celebrate with them on opening day (and mourn with them that they must close on Friday due to the latest coronavirus restrictions. 😓 They can at least still do take out coffee)

The other special reason for coming in was to see these sweet people!

Because I've been sick I haven't seen them since we celebrated Thanksgiving weeks ago. Oh how good it was to enjoy them and all their silliness today!

They had just come from školka (kindergarten) so were full of tales from the day.

It won't be long now before their baby brother arrives and there will be three little Patty brothers in this picture!

Lara's due date is tomorrow, December 17th, and she says she's ready to have this baby! 

With Judah and Asher she went over her due date by a week, so we'll see what day this next little boy arrives.

In the meantime, it was so good to be with them, and enjoy a coffee break at our friends' new cafe!

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