Friday, December 18, 2020

Ho Ho Ho!

Two nights ago I heard a noise at my kitchen door, and then saw this.

Aren't those smiles the BEST?!!!

These are some of our fun teammates, Martina, Rob and Fanny, who serve with me on the iTeam (international team) for JV! 

They came bearing gifts in preparation for our online Christmas party this week (since we can't be together thanks to ongoing restrictions).

Inside were party supplies that they'd put together and delivered to every iTeam member. It took them six hours to drive everywhere to do that!

Tonight, we all brought our gift bags and gathered online for an epic party together.

We played games, we sang, we laughed, and we gathered in breakout rooms to answer fun questions about our Christmas traditions.

We made wassail together under the hilarious leadership of John (and Erin, who is behind him as his arms). My cheeks were hurting so much from laughing as he led this master class on how to make a good wassail. You just had to be there to know how delightfully funny it was!

It reminded Claire and I of this video from years ago that made us laugh like we were laughing tonight! (Only that was with dogs and human hands!)

Father Christmas (aka Rob, one of the three who had delivered the party supplies), read us "The Night Before Christmas" different voices of people on the team. Another hilarious part of the party!

And our dear Gwynne, led the party with her joy and effervescence! 

It's been a crazy year of not serving together in person. But I'm thankful for technology that keeps us connected; it even worked for a Christmas party this year!!

Merry Christmas to all you dear ones on iTeam!

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