Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Welcome Baby Boy!

Our newest grandson made his entrance this morning!

Simeon August Patty was born in Ostrava at around 10:30 AM, and both mommy and baby (and daddy too!) are doing great!

These pictures were the first glimpses of this precious new boy, son to Tyler and Lara, brother of Judah and Asher. 

Because of coronavirus, we won't get to meet Simeon in person at the hospital as would usually be the norm. Instead, we'll wait until he's released and can come home to our waiting arms!

In case you're wondering about his name...Simeon is another Old Testament name from the tribes of Israel, like his brother's names, Judah and Asher. August is a family name on Lara's side of the family, and also a shortened version of Augustine, a great theologian from many years ago (and one that Tyler admires!). 

Welcome to our family dear Simeon!

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