Thursday, December 24, 2020

Brothers Meet Simeon

A small miracle took place today, on Christmas Eve! 

Due to coronavirus, typically no visitors are allowed in hospitals here. 

Yet, when the nurses at the hospital where Simeon was born two days ago heard that he has two brothers waiting to meet their baby brother, they said they'd make an exception. So off we went so they could meet him. 

We hadn't even gotten off the little farm roads by our house when they promptly fell asleep! They'd been up since 6:30 so a nap in the car was actually helpful. 

But when we stopped in the parking lot outside the hospital, they woke up just in time to see their dad coming to get them!

Only the boys were allowed to go in, so I waited in the car for an hour while Judah and Asher went inside to meet Simeon!

Tyler started sending me these pictures while I was out in the parking lot as they were inside meeting their brother. It melted my heart to see how attentive they already are to their little brother!

It brought my heart so much joy imagining what their lives will be like now that this third precious Patty brother is here. 

And I'll never forget the kindness of those nurses on this Christmas Eve who made a little miracle happen today! 

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