Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Snow

 In all my years of celebrating, I've never seen it actually snow on Easter day.

As we worshiped in the morning at Malenovice, I couldn't help but think, "He washed me white as snow." What a perfect reminder of this truth!

With the snowflakes being the biggest ones of the season, it was a wonderful reminder of what this day is really about - the cleansing of our sins by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Made me appreciate the snow, even though it was unexpected!

In spite of the snow, the day went on, complete with Peeps!

And a lovely Easter spread of Claire's delicacies - you can't even see all of them that she lovingly prepared for the day!

It doesn't get much better than this precious Easter note from my little friend, Cece, who came with her parents to join us for lunch!

It's so fun to have her in our lives!

By 4:00, we had a houseful of little people, along with their parents! 

Sixteen kids in all, under the age of 10! 

As has been our tradition for many years, I told the Easter story using my box of Resurrection Eggs, so kindly given to us years ago by a missionary couple. It's such a great way to tell the story with the kids participating by opening up the eggs to find a representative item that correlates to the story.

I loved seeing each of those kids open their egg and help me tell the story!

And after the story, the infamous Easter Egg hunt!

With hats, coats, gloves and boots, the kids braved the cold weather outside to find eggs!

Success despite the cold!

And despite the snow! Look at those bundled up kids! :)

One of our egg hunt "alumni" returned from the States to join us this year! The hunt tradition started with Zachary's family, the Pitcher's, who lived here and served with JV from the beginning. After three years away, it was so great to have him here for Easter, this time as an egg hider instead of hunter! :) Pitcher family, we missed the rest of you!!

The hunt was over pretty quickly...didn't even have time to get a full group picture of all our kids this year. Everyone was eager to get back inside where it was warm...and where they could see what was inside the eggs!

Aleisha and the twins, Gabe and Alex, made it out just at the end of the hunt. "Boys, you'll be running around looking for those eggs next year...hopefully in the sunshine that I plan to put in an order for!"

A lovely day, all the way around, filled with dear friends and an amazing reason to celebrate!!


  1. Happy Easter to you and yours! Growing up in Chicago I remember several snowy, bitterly cold Easters. This Easter in the south is the first one I've every celebrated where I felt the traditional Easter decorations in Spring colors and the little girls in flowery sundresses actually matched the weather with sunshine and flowers. What a beautiful reminder between Christ's resurrection and being washed white as snow, though!

  2. Happy Easter i remember those cold easters. Fun to see all the pictures looks like lots of fun. Wish we were there like we used to loved those resurrection eggs.I wish we could be there with Zachary

  3. I miss snow like this!! Big, fluffy snowflakes on our lawn. :)