Thursday, April 12, 2012

Makro Run for Catch It

Tomorrow morning, 36 kids from BMA will leave school after the third hour of classes and head up to Malenovice for the week-end.

It's "Catch It", the annual evangelistic outreach retreat for the school.

Caleb's leading the retreat, and since a retreat is not a retreat without food and snacks, he and I made a Makro (think Costo or Sam's Club!) run today to pick up some of the supplies.

As we loaded them in, I prayed for every one of those students who will be there.

I prayed they would not only be nourished by the food, but more importantly, by God's Word as they hear the Gospel, presented by Dave in three different talks throughout the week-end, and also through the lives of the believers who will be there.

Please join us in prayer for those things this week-end!

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