Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving Moments

After a long day of touring, we are back in our hotel this evening. But judging by the sounds of things, we won't be sleeping any time soon.

Today was Memorial Day here in Israel, and tomorrow is Independence Day. There is already quite a (loud) party starting up in the streets. Our tour guide says it will go on most of the night!

We started our morning near the Western Wall, formerly known as the Wailing Wall. I snapped a photo from the ramp overlooking the wall and was moved to see the men already praying at 8 AM. At the time I couldn't see the section that is dedicated for women to pray, but when I got there later, there were at least twice as many women in prayer as there were men (I could see through the fence to the other side where the men were). Both touched me.

Although I don't believe I am any closer to God while facing the wall, as many of the Orthodox Jews believe, it was still a moving moment to pray there. I'm glad Claire snapped a photo of that moment.

Within just a moment of leaving the wall, a siren went off in Jerusalem, as it did throughout the entire country, signaling two minutes of silence in honor of the soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for Israel.

It was yet another moving moment to stand still with at least a thousand others in the square, completely in silence, and honor those soldiers - all the while watching a regiment of Israeli soldiers standing there in front of us. Again, moving for me.

As we have traveled through this land and heard with our ears and seen with our eyes, the history and story of its people, I am moved all over again at the work of God to preserve His land and people. By all odds, they never should have survived.

And yet, they have.

Because God loves them.

I have stood looking over Jerusalem several different times, praying with tears in my eyes for the people of this beautiful land, to know Jesus as THE Messiah.

May they be moved in their hearts towards their true Savior.

Just as I am moved in my heart towards Him once again as I am here in His land.

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  1. Oh I remember well the amazing experience of being at this wall. That reminds me to ask you if you could go check the wall and see if you can find the prayer I tucked in there in 1997 where I asked God for a husband. I'm thinking maybe He didn't see it! Ha!!!!