Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Bells

I regularly read a blog written about happenings on the island of Hvar, Croatia where we have camped for vacation the past four years.

Written by a British man who lives there, I love to read every post. He's a great writer, making you almost feel you're there when you read. On our gray, cold, overcast rainy days here, I love thinking about sunny, warm, lovely Hvar!

Yesterday he posted the coolest story - one that I'd never heard of happening anywhere, let alone on Hvar.

The people of Hvar really celebrate Easter. The writer says it's his favorite time of year, and recommends that if you come no other time, you should come there at Easter!

His story that captured me yesterday was about the silencing of the bells on Hvar from Good Friday until Easter.

If you've never lived somewhere where the church bells ring, at least every hour, if not every fifteen minutes, you can't imagine what it would be like to have them silenced for three days.

But in honor of the three days from the time when Jesus died until he rose from the grave, they silence the bells on the island.

I can only imagine the glorious ringing of those bells that occurs on Easter it should!!!!!! It's really the best day of the year for...

CHRIST HAS RISEN! Oh what glory to know that He conquered the grave...paid my debt...and gave me everlasting life.

That is worth ringing the bells for!!!

See here for his blog post about it!

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  1. That is a beautiful thought, to hear the silence but then the joyous ringing in celebration of life. Thanks for sharing.