Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Decided!

Three years ago I posted this picture.

I am so happy to get to post it again!

Caleb got his acceptance letter from Moody Bible Institute tonight!

He had already been accepted to Wheaton College, and had even been offered a generous financial aid package to make it possible for him to attend.

But God has been deeply at work in Caleb's heart and life these past months, refining what He is calling him to. While he was excited about Wheaton, there was an even deeper sense that God was calling him to Moody to study the Bible.

Yet, he hadn't heard from them.

They were supposed to be sending out their acceptance letters by mail this coming Monday, but because we will be gone from the 16th through the 28th, we thought he'd have to wait until we got home to hear the news.

Instead, it was a great relief to him to get an email this evening with the good news.

So, now we know where Caleb will be next year! It's been a long, really good process for him to come to this decision, owning it as his own. While he's excited that Tyler (and Lara) will still be there for a year, he knows more deeply that this is the place God has been preparing him for all along.

I am so thankful to the Lord for getting this news to him, but even more so, for all that He has in store for Caleb at Moody in the coming years!


  1. So happy to hear his good news and God's good timing of letting him know before you left town. I love seeing our kids search & find God's way for them. So happy for Caleb and you knowing both of your boys are in one place. That will help some of the transitions and settling-in issues. This will also give him some time to get to build a relationship with Lara. What a great gift that will be. So happy!