Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catch It Update

Caleb and Claire returned from their week-end at Catch It today...happy, tired, excited and full of news about all that happened there.

The best news is that one of the students trusted Christ! And many more took spiritual steps forward.

It was a week-end full of games, baseball, friendship, conversations, late nights, cards, good food, and fun.

But most importantly, opportunities to hear about the Lord, and to talk about it throughout the week-end.

Dave spoke on love, grace and faith, and had a lot of good conversations with the students - he was there until 1:30 AM Saturday night!

Normally I would write about each picture, but given the late hour, and the fact that we leave for Israel tomorrow, this will have to do!

Thanks for praying for the week-end!You can go HERE and read Claire's post about the retreat too!

Catch It was held in our new lodge which looks deceptively small from this angle...

And deceptively large from this angle! In any's an awesome new spot for week-end retreats!

Could there be a prettier place to play baseball?!



 **Photos by Claire**