Friday, April 13, 2012

45 in 80

Over the next 80 days, Dave is teaching 45 times!!

I remember our early Malachi Singer days, sitting in the front row of an American military chapel listening to Dave preach. We weren't married...but I was contemplating what it would BE like if we were!

After 25 years of marriage, I well know what it's like to be under his teaching, and I love it! I always tell him that he's my favorite teacher! :)

Tonight begins the first stretch of his 45 teaching times. He'll be at Catch It, the evangelistic outreach retreat for BMA students. Pray that God gives him His message for the students at 7 PM tonight!

After three talks for the retreat, we all move on to the next location of his teaching this coming Monday...Israel!! This will be the kids and my first time there. We are SO excited! We'll be gone 12 days at a conference and tour of the Holy Land.

We return to our JV spring conference the first week of May where he'll be teaching on the Fatherhood of God. And on it goes from there until the 1st of July when he finishes with preaching at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Ft. Collins, CO.

Oh...and there is a wedding sermon thrown in the mix too. Dave gets to marry Tyler and Lara on June 8th in Chattanooga, TN!

Pray for God's covering over Dave as he teaches these next 80 days, that it would be powerful and transformational in the lives of those who will hear it.

(**photo by Lubo Bechny from KPM, Slovakia**)

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  1. Connie,
    Although we will be meeting each other very soon, I thought I'd say a little 'hello,' before I see you in Czech! I have heard so many amazing things about you from Michelle and feel like I already know you in some ways. Your passion for Christ, sharing God's message and supporting your family is truly beautiful. I love reading your blog posts and can't believe all of the amazing things you and your family are doing!

    I can't wait for all that God will be doing this summer throughout the JV training and camps and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow under such incredible leadership.

    Praying that you, Dave, Caleb and Claire are safe and having an awesome time in Israel!