Thursday, April 5, 2012


This has been a day of reservations.

No, not the kind where I have a reservation about something.

This was a day of making, or trying to make, reservations in a booking sort of way!

Booking plane flights to Tyler and Lara's wedding, and everywhere else we're going in the States this summer.

Booking a flight for Caleb to Kalamazoo, MI after the wedding to go work at Gull Lake.

Booking a rental car while we're in the States.

Booking hotels for various places.

I've also been on my computer in search of a location for our JV Kid's camp this summer.

And paying bills

And writing emails

And thinking about a blog post.

Which is hard on a day when all you've done, pretty much, is sit at the computer and look up things to book! :)

But at least I'll make note of this sort of day.

And think about some day in the not too distant future when I will be so glad I sat at my computer all day making those reservations!

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