Monday, August 6, 2012

Starting Today

Caleb's tests at the Cleveland Clinic begin today.

Over the next four days he will have appointments with doctors and specialists, and be given specific tests each day, trying to determine where the pain of these past ten years is coming from.

It continues to worsen. I honestly don't know how he lives in that kind of pain.

The Lord was gracious this past week to strengthen him and provide friends and community at Gull Lake Ministries to uplift him as he waited for these tests to begin. SO thankful for that emotional reprieve for him.

Now he and Dave are back in Cleveland, and will be at the clinic at 8 AM EST this morning to get started.

The verse on my heart today comes from Psalm 20:7.

"Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."

If there ever was a time in Caleb's health journey that we could set our trust in doctors and tests, it would be now.

But we can't do that.

Don't get me wrong - I'm praying for solutions and healing, for sure!! I am persevering in prayer for Caleb because the Lord loves when we pray and express our deepest feelings, hopes, desires and requests. I know many of you are praying for him too and we are so grateful for that.

But I know that if and when an answer comes, it will be through the hands of doctors and specialists who are, knowingly or unknowingly, under the guidance of the Lord.

The four day program of testing that Caleb is in will conclude on Thursday. By then we'll have at least some idea of what is going on. Perhaps even a solution and treatment plan.

But no matter what...

We trust in the name of the Lord our God, for what He has for our Caleb.

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  1. Connie, does Caleb have a stateside mobile #? Sam and I would love to be texting some encouragement his way while he's here!