Saturday, August 4, 2012

Farmer's Market: Ostrava Style

For those of you in the States, a local farmer's market may be a normal occurrence.

For us, this is the first one we've ever been to here. Maybe they have them somewhere in the country (and you do see little fruit and vegetable stands here and there), but I've never seen an official farmer's market.

A few days ago I found out that one of the malls in Ostrava has a farmer's market in their parking lot twice a month. Smart idea!

We weren't sure what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised by all the good, natural things they had there. Two huge heads of lettuce for 20 Kc ($1)...yes please!!

Of course there were more than enough heads of cabbage and garlic for sale...

But there were also fresh kolače, a Czech specialty.

Here dad, this one's for you! Ironically this week I happened to see a Groupon ad for kolače near where my mom and dad live in Oregon so bought them a coupon to go have some on me...that's not an everyday occurrence in Oregon like it is here in Czech! Glad my dad got to indulge his love for them, as well as me...and no, they're not GF. But sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

Our friend Lucy came along with us to the market and made some good purchases as well...who can resist some incredibly wonderful dried lavender?!

There were flowers and herbs for sale as well...I so wanted to buy the lavender, but the last time I did it didn't survive in my garden. So just had to satisfy myself with a nice photo!

We did buy some other fragrant herbs to plant...hope they'll survive.

You can't see it, but just behind me is a fresh coffee roaster with someone sitting there turning the crank to keep the beans moving. Honestly, who could resist a cup of coffee with beans that are that freshly roasted?!

Nothing like a little Viennese coffee to start out the morning! we did buy vegetables as well. I don't know if they're truly "home grown", but they sure were a better buy than what I pay in the grocery store.

There were just four rows of little booths there, but it totally made our day getting to shop at the farmer's market!

This ad on the side of the mall just cracked me up...would that be who YOU would put on your ad for the farmer's market?! It definitely gets your attention though.

We'll be going back to the farmer's market, for sure. I read on the website that they'll be there until the end of November. Hooray! Who knows what other treasures we'll find there in the coming months!


  1. How fun for you to find the Farmer's Market! My favorite really is the hunky guy on the ad. Hilarious! So glad you all got to go to the market and that you got to wear your Tennessee dress that Jeri found for you. It's fun to see you at your first Czech Farmers Market looking stunningly beautiful! :o)

  2. We have a large farmer's market downtown...but there is a mall parking lot and a large church parking lot that host markets as well once a week. If I don't have time to get downtown I try to get to one of these closer markets. So maybe this market will fall into the mall parking lot category. Glad you could find some good finds at better prices. Always love the finds of a good day at the market


  3. Costa Coffee, Farmers Markets - what is there NOT to love about Ostrava? Happy you're discovering the city I've loved for 15 years!! :>)

  4. Connie, perhaps I could entice you and Claire into coming out to L'viv, Ukraine, where we have 4 of those markets within walking distance from our apartment! And there is no seasonal limit because they are open every day, all year long! I was just at one today, and I had no idea that I should not be taking it for granted! I always thought that Czech had everything we have, except Vanilla Coke ;) Love from L'viv, Kristy