Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surprise in Leadville

This summer while we were in the States making our way from Cody, Wyoming to Denver, we encountered all sorts of great sites...Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Dinosaur (that's for another post!), Breckenridge and...Leadville!

I'd never been there, only heard about it. I think I had something different in my head than what we found as we drove was more remote than I thought, and didn't quite have the charm factor in their downtown that I was expecting.

Except for this place!

We'd just driven over Independence Pass (all 12, 095 feet of it!) and were a bit tired from the elevation, not to mention hungry.

We remembered Tyler and Lara saying they'd visited Leadville on their honeymoon and found a coffee roasting cafe that they'd enjoyed, so we were looking for it as we drove into town.

Cute as could be, City on a Hill Coffee Roasters turned out to be one of the best eateries we visited in the States! The coffee was good, but we were mostly surprised by the gluten free offerings they had - specifically a hummus veggie sandwich.

In Leadville??!! Somehow that shocked and of course, delighted us!

That day Claire and I said to each other, "We need to figure out how to make this sandwich when we get home."

And we did.

Last night!

Claire blogged about it, and has the hummus sandwich recipe here if you want to have it for yourselves.

Definitely something we'll be making again!

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  1. This is funny. I was just sorting family slides in prep to send them off to be scanned and there were pics of my aunt and uncle's house in Leadville when I was just a baby. I know there are pictures somewhere of our family digging at an old dump for old bottles that my uncle and grandpa collected. They even planted one in the path for me to find. That was later when I was 3 or 4. Glad you found the coffee place, and GF food.