Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Road Closure

While Dave's been in the States with Caleb, he "missed out" on one of the big happenings in Frydlant this summer.

The closure of the road leading up to our house. As you can see, no driving on this road!

The route that is usually our way into town has been closed since July 9th.

It wasn't the closure of our bridge, as we thought would happen. But rather the road leading up to the bridge. Which, for all practical purposes, had a direct impact on driving this summer as we had to take alternate routes every time we went anywhere, more than doubling our driving time into town.

 New bridge under construction...

Old bridge, soon to be destroyed...or so we've been told. It's kind of iconic, and sad to think it'll be gone one of these days.

But we'll be glad to have the new road open soon!

PS. Thanks for the photos Claire! :)

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