Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Birthday Party

 Take one good son...

 Add an equally good husband...

 Who love their wife and mom, and are brave enough to pull off a party all on their own...

And you get an amazing summer birthday party with a bunch of friends...

All celebrating this beautiful lady!!

It was my friend Laura's birthday on Sunday, and what fun it was to celebrate her with a sweet summer birthday party!

 Claire got to do the baking for the party....

And made some delicious chocolate cupcakes (see her blog post for her side of the story!) for all of us to enjoy.

We headed out to their yard to get some pictures to capture this beautiful summer evening spent together.

 As you can imagine, lots of laughter with this bunch of gorgeous women!

And we couldn't forget Dan and Jacob who made the party possible!

Iwona and her daughter were just TOO adorable that evening...is that the sweetest photo?!

Claire captured this moment...isn't that the epitome of the perfect childhood summer evening?!

Happy Birthday dear Laura! And thank you Dan and Jacob, for first of all loving your wife and mom so well, and for putting on a party for a bunch of women!

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