Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tyler and Lara's Beautiful Wedding Day

Tyler and Lara's friend and wedding photographer, Mike, just finished the edits on their wedding photos and they are spectacular!!

This was Mike's first wedding to shoot (if you want info on him, I'll give it to you! He's in Chicago and we couldn't recommend him enough). And WOW! Has he ever got an eye for taking gorgeous wedding photos!

Not only was he shooting the day, but our 16 year old niece, Kyrie, was his assistant and captured some beautiful shots as well.

THANKS YOU TWO!! You did an awesome job!!

How do you condense 2800+ photos into one blog post?? Yikes. The all time challenge for this photo-loving mom.


I love both of these photos...of Lara getting ready in her special room (isn't that an incredibly beautiful wedding dress?) and Tyler in his spot with his groomsmen.

Heading out for his "first look" at his bride.

Perfectly lovely first look!

Claire (Tyler's sister, in case you didn't know!), Emily (Lara's friend from Moody), Hannah (Lara's sister). All so pretty that morning!

Tyler waiting for his bride...with Caleb (his brother), Justin (his cousin), Patrick (his best friend from high school in Czech)...oh, and his dad too!

Lara's dad praying before giving her away to Tyler.

Isn't she absolutely LOVELY?! That's my sweet daughter-in-law! :)

Tyler wrote a song for Lara...and unbeknownst to me beforehand, incorporated in the words from the last song we wrote for our wedding 25 years ago. Can you say tears?! Lara told me later that she was willing herself not to look at me at that moment because I was crying! Good job Lara! You look absolutely stunning here...soaking it all in from your groom! :)

Such a sweet moment...watching my son give his bride her wedding ring. She'll wear that ring the rest of their lives!

Triumphant moment! MARRIED!!

 Love this shot...a new Mr. and Mrs Patty!

Okay...and I love this one too! SO happy that God brought these two together!

At the reception...there were so many fun pictures it was hard to narrow down which ones to post!

Love the sweet looks on their faces...taking their first dance in life together.

And I love all of Lara's faces here as she gets ready to throw the bouquet! Okay...I think my daughter-in-law is really something special!

I know for sure that this is one of Kyrie's can see Mike on the right side and he has a matching photo taken at just the same moment from that angle...see the next photo (on the right) for his view of the same moment!

Kyrie's kneeling on the ground taking the same shot...note Tyler's face in both photos!

A friend of Lara's family loaned them this very cool old car to drive away made for great photos of the happy bride and groom!

The wedding party afterward.

And one last magical photo. I told Mike (the photographer) that I think he needs to enter this one into a wedding photo contest!

So fun to relive that beautiful day that our son married his lovely Lara!


  1. Yay!!! The long awaited post. So sweet.

  2. So fun to relive the day through these pictures!! And I definitely agree with you about Mike entering that last one into a photo contest! SOO HAPPY FOR LARA AND TYLER!!!

  3. So gorgeous! What a fantastic day as the world gets another Mr. & Mrs. Patty.

  4. So glad you shared these beautiful pictures with me, Connie. May God continue to bless Mr. and Mrs. Patty - all four of you!