Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Is Life

As much as I'd like to be posting beautiful pictures, and writing about more significant things, that's not life right now.

This is life.

The physical therapy room at Access Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

Why is the photo lopsided? Well, that could be interpreted in a number of different ways!

But the truth is, I was on the table getting my knee "iced" again after a good therapy session and had a hard time taking a straight picture from that angle!

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for God's provision of this medical practice and physical therapy clinic. They have been absolutely awesome at getting me the help I needed for my knee injury.

Doctors, nurses, the front desk, the therapists, the technicians and even the cleaning people have been compassionate, competent, kind and efficient with their care for me.

I met with the doctor this morning for the results from the MRI I had on Friday. The news? An MCL tear, grade 2. That's the good news. It will heal without surgery.

The bad news is rather humorous. "If you were 16, you'd be healed by now. But for your, ehem, age, it will take a bit longer," said kind Dr. Siegel with a twinkle in his eye.

Sigh. The realities of life as you age. And believe me when I say, I do not think for one minute that I am old enough to be aging!! I hope this is only a temporary setback and not a way of life from now on. Nope, not going there.

Brittney, the therapist above, gave me my last session today and talked me through how to do what I need to do in order to heal over the next 4-6 weeks. I've got enough exercises in my arsenal to have much stronger leg muscles when all of this is over and done.

My time here in New Hampshire has been very different than what I expected. But on the other hand, has been a blessing too. I've gotten to know local people in a way I never would have otherwise. And I feel like I could come back and see any of them at any time (though hopefully I don't ever need to!).

We've got two more days here, and then we'll be on the road towards Chicago...and towards a wedding!

I plan to be walking without a limp by then.


  1. Praying you heal quickly girl!

  2. awww. I was hoping that this time would go differently for you but I guess this is the Lord's form of rest and restoration for you! Love you and see you soon!