Sunday, May 25, 2014

Road Trip To a Wedding

Twelve hours down and only six more to go.

After lots of great conversation, a few fun stops, and hours of driving with more still ahead, everyone is settled in for this epic wedding roadtrip, on our way to Caleb and Haley's wedding which happens one week from today. Whoo hoo!!!

Claire and I are in the backseat together.

Dave's driving and reading his notes from Harvard!

The groom is taking a nap after some hours of driving for his dad.

And me? I just noticed I have Internet here in the car for the first time all day so am taking advantage of it by writing this post!

It's a memorable family day in the car, that's for sure, as we drive toward Colorado, across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska!


  1. You all have certainly put on the miles this past year! I laughed when you said Dave was reading his notes. Back at Multnomah during summers with Malachi he would write letters while driving on the autobahn. I have a couple of those.

  2. Whoo Hoo indeed. I'm ready for a road trip to Colorado. Let's get this (wedding) party started!

  3. We can so identify with your road trip to CO! Sometime you will have to divert off the I-80 path and head north to us. It would add about 4 hours to the trip. Ray said that evidently Caleb isn't making his coffee on the roof of the car on this trip - or is he??? :) See you real soon now......:)!!