Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting a Medical Degree

While Dave is at Harvard this week, I'm working on my medical degree here in New Hampshire.

Well, not really. But it feels sure feels like it after all the doctors I've been to this year!

Three weeks ago I hurt my knee while hiking, and because it's continued to be very painful I decided I should have it looked at by an orthopedic doctor.

So into yet another waiting room I went this morning.

And if you're going to see a doctor, you might as well make it a good one!

After x-rays and an exam, Doctor Siegel delivered the news.

I tore my medial collateral ligament (MCL). It's somewhere between a Grade II and Grade III tear - we'll know more after an MRI on it in a few days. He'll be looking at the tear, as well as cartilage damage.

In the meantime, I've already got a hinged brace on to support the ligament, and I've been to physical therapy today, with several more appointments scheduled.

Honestly, I was glad to find out what's been causing all the pain and keeping me awake in the night.

This group of doctors was in a town that was new to me, so in between appointments I used my Yelp app (thank you Claire for getting me hooked on that!) and found this great place for lunch in Exeter, NH.

Comfort food was on the menu! A white tuscan bean soup and a gluten free turkey cheddar sandwich. Doesn't get much better than that.

I wished I could've explored the town as it had a cute main street.

I settled for a nice picture of what I assume is the town hall.

Drove into Portsmouth a little later for the PT appointment, which, besides giving me helpful therapy gave another unique experience: cold compression wrap therapy.

Definitely adding that to my array of unusual medical techniques for the year!

They wrap something around your leg, then pump ice water into it as it compresses for ten minutes.

Icy? Definitely! Helpful for the swelling? Very much so. It brought needed relief in a natural kind of way. I liked that.

While I'll be sporting a knee brace for the next few weeks as the MCL heals, thankfully the doctor said I can take it off for Caleb and Haley's wedding, which is only sixteen days away now.

At least I don't have a cast!

Much to thank the Lord for, as always.


  1. Oh boy! Glad you can rest this week! And glad you've had good doctor experiences here this past year!

  2. Oh honey…I literally CANNOT believe that you are going through yet more medical procedures. I truly don't understand the Lord's ways at all with this one and I'm guessing you don't either. Good thing you trust Him with everything you are. I respect you for your surrender to HIS plans, even in this. Love you!

  3. That's exactly what Matt did to his knee!! It IS painful!! But what a blessing that you can take it off for the wedding. :) They went into Matt's knee and cut the tear away so his MCL on one knee is thinner than the other. Much love!