Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last and First

With the permission of my physical therapist, I took a slow, careful walk this morning.

My last walk during our time here in New Hampshire.

Which was also my first walk here this time around!

Given the problem with the torn MCL in my knee, a walk like this wasn't possible until today. The good news is, my physical therapy is helping and I'm making progress on recovery.

And oh, what a day to walk here on the shore of New Hampshire!!

The air was crisp, the sun warm, the sights and smells beyond wonderful down by the ocean.

Spring has fully sprung here! What an amazing gift to have seen fall AND spring arrive in New Hampshire. So incredibly beautiful.

I wasn't planning to go out on the beach this morning, but when I saw the path there I couldn't resist, walking out very carefully.

And I'm glad I did! What a glorious view to soak in this gorgeous spring morning.

I was careful as I walked on the sand, not wanting in any way to re-injure my knee. And I didn't!

Thanks for the hat in the hall closet Bob and Sherry!
While walking slowly is not my preferred method of travel, it was actually nice today as I was able to fully enjoy being on the beach one last time.

We leave early tomorrow morning to make our way to Chicago, via Cincinnati as we meet up with someone there on Friday morning. Then it's on to Chicago to pick up Caleb and Claire after they finish work at Moody that afternoon.

While I'll miss the charm and beauty of New Hampshire, I'm ready to head into the next happy section of life: Caleb and Haley's wedding!

But for one last morning, it was purely a gift to walk, soak in the peaceful view, and enjoy this beautiful part of God's creation.

I'll miss you New Hampshire! You're a beauty!

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  1. Yay for a walk..and east coast charm! And, you look so cute!